January 18th 2020, The Expo Halls, The Fairgrounds, Nashville

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Help people meet their health and wellness vision for 2020.

And help kickstart your business and profits at the same time!

Reserve your booth today and get in front of people wanting to improve their
lifestyles in 2020


Everyone wants to start the New Year on a fitness, health & wellness drive-be there to help them achieve their goals.

The Nashville Winter Wellness Fest will be the perfect time to kick off your New Year with lots of new business and clients.

The Nashville Winter Wellness Fest is an ideal showcase and platform for your organization to show, explain and help people reach their ‘2020’ goals.

Catch them while they are keen and eager to learn and buy!

Whether it’s dieting, fitness, mental or physical help people are seeking, it’s the perfect time of year to reach them.

The Nashville Winter Wellness Fest will cover all the areas of Alternative, Holistic, Functional and Traditional treatments and therapies. For mind body and spirit.

Judging from the feedback we received from our Health & Wellness Fest in June the Nashville Wellness WINTER Fest is going to be hugely popular as well.

Booth prices start at just $275, Book your booth today.

If your organization provides ANY health or wellness-related product or service, you simply have to be there, it’s a small investment and a great way to kick off generating new business in the New Year.

More about our main sponsor:

PURE Living Magazine Nashville is here to deliver great news, information, entertainment and advice on: Health. Wellbeing. Sustainability. Conscious Living. First print issue out end of October.

In the meantime visit www.purelivingnashville.com for a healthy future and environment.

Exhibiting at the 2020 Nashville Winter Wellness Fest

We welcome three types of exhibitor or vendor:

1) Commercial Exhibitor: An organization or individual, selling or promoting any kind of health, wellness, fitness products, service, or therapy from Acupuncture to Yoga, Dentistry to Reflexology.

Booths cost from ONLY $275 – so it’s not going to break the bank or the budget – and the benefits to you are immense…

2) Food Concession: There are great opportunities for relevant companies to join the wide variety of Healthy Food options already available for visitors to buy or sample at the event. Significant discounts are available if you want to offer incentives as part of the event’s promotional campaign.
Call us today on 615 678 5683 to find out more.

3) Natural and Healthy Product Retailers, Crafts & Local Artisans: This exceptional event provides a superb opportunity to showcase and sell your products and to gain new customers and advocates. Let us be your shop window.
Take advantage of early booking discounts – and book today!

Book your booth today at the reduced rate

2020 Nashville Winter Wellness Fest- Exhibitor Floorplan

Booth sizes: Booth Costs
Red 10’x10′ $445
Blue 10’x10′ $395
Yellow 10’x8′ (NO pipe and drape provided) $275
Green 6′ tables only (NO pipe and drape, table displays only) $175


Full details on these costs will be provided with your Booking Confirmation

Already reserved or booked booths are in black.

All Booths that are pipe and drape will look like this:


Book early and get all these benefits:

There are massive advantages to booking early.

You get a reduced price on the Booth-and the chance to pick out a prime location.

Your name will appear in all our pre-Fest promotion and Guide. This will include our magazine, our website and the social media pages.

That’s FREE publicity, promoting you, your company and your products.

There are 10 workshops open to sponsorship on a first come first served basis.

How The Nashville Winter Wellness Fest will attract your prospects and clients at the perfect time of year.

We have a strong promotional program to promote and support this exciting event, which will be held at Nashville’s newest and most well known venue – The New Expo Halls at the Nashville Fairgrounds. These are brand new tailor made exhibition halls with the very best facilities for exhibitors and visitors.

• Weekly updates on both www.purelivingnashville.com and www.nashvillewellnessfest.com

• Weekly updates on the Nashville Winter Wellness Fest newsletter.
• Weekly updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
• Local newspaper and magazine advertising
• Extensive Social Media advertising.
• Regular Email marketing to 30,000 health-conscious individuals in Middle Tennessee.
• The hiring of celebrity speakers and headliners to ensure wide news coverage across middle Tennessee.

Be a Sponsor of The Nashville Winter Wellness Fest

Be one of just three major top line sponsors and get all these extra benefits to raise your profile in the months leading up to, and during, the event.

Gold Sponsor (one available):

• Double Booth-worth $710
• Free Full Page Advertisement in Show preview sent out in December worth $900.
• Free Page in Show guide handed out to all Visitors-worth $500
• Opportunity to run a workshop. Worth $650.

Logo on all promotional material, website, social media postings. From the time you sign up to after the event months of on going publicity— Worth $1000’s.

Cost: $3500

Silver Sponsors (two available):

• Double Booth-$710
• Free Half Page advertisement in Show preview-worth $450.
• Free half page Advertisement in Show guide handed out to all Visitors-worth $350.
Logo on all promotional material, website, social media postings. From the time you sign up to after the event months of on going publicity. Worth $1000’s.

Cost: $2000

Other sponsorships opportunities:

• Provide a free keep-sake environmentally re-usable tote bag for every visitor printed with your name and logo on.
Cost $1000

Sponsor the ‘Baby Center’-Private Diaper changing and Nursing Area in the Main Exhibition Hall.
Cost $500

Sponsor or Run a Workshop: Have your name branded and associated with one of the Top Line Workshops.
Cost: From $650

For more details on these and other Sponsorship opportunities, call 615 678 5683, or email: expo@phrmedia.com

About Us

The 2020 Nashville Winter Wellness Fest

The Organizers:

PHR Media, organizers of the Nashville Health & Wellness Fest, June 1st 2019

Publisher of: PURE LIVING Nashville Magazine.

Nashville’s newest magazine for everyone concerned with a healthy lifestyle, a healthy environment and conscious living-to be launched late 2019.

The Publisher, Paul Rowney, has over 40 years’ experience in organizing events in Europe and the USA. Have a look at his Linkedin Profile, to see his vast experience in the event industry.

Paul has a great team of dedicated organizers and marketing professionals working with him, to guarantee the success of this event.

Nashville WINTER Wellness Fest News

How to receive the latest News and Updates about The Nashville Winter Wellness Fest:

There’ll be several ways the latest news and information about the Nashville Winter Wellness Fest will be available:

• Via the regular e newsletter – sign up here to receive it direct to your in box.

• On Nashville Health and Wellness’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

• On Nashville Health and Wellness Magazine’s website: www.purenashvillemagazine.com

• On Nashville Winter Wellness Fest website: www.nashvillehealthandwellnessfest.com

How to Contact us

Find out more information about the Nashville Winter Wellness Fest

Phone: 615 678 5683, Email: expo@phrmedia.com

Mail: Nashville Health & Wellness Fest, PHR Media LLC, 197 Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN 37211