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to the Nashville Winter
Wellness Fest and Family Fun Day

January 18th Expo Hall 3,
Nashville Fairgrounds
(indoors and warm)


January 18th will be a great day out for all the Family, with lots to see and do, for Adults and Children.

January 18th will be a great day out for all the Family, with lots to see and do, for Adults and Children.

And if you book quickly HERE, tickets are free for the first 250 applicants.
(Once they’re gone, it’s still only $5 per person and all children under 18 and Seniors are Free).

So here’s how we’re going to get your 2020 off to great start:
– An amazing line up of 100 vendors- from Acupuncturists to Yoga, Chiropractors to Wellness Centers, Dentists to Senior Care.

– Loads of FREE gifts, samples, demos, trials and advice for all the Family.

FREE workshops

FREE demos and entertainment.

– FREE Children’s shows and activities. Including a fantastic Virtual Reality Booth, come and experience a whole new world of action! Courtesy Rabbit Hole .The Rabbit Hole VR puts players inside the game so they can see, hear and interact with the virtual world using top-of-the-line VR equipment.

FREE-Cookery Demonstrations from some of Nashville top cooks and chefs. More details below..

FREE-visit the ‘Retreat’ to learn (and try) Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi.
This is a great day for all the Family with a huge range of FREE activities-for Adults and Children.

Special area for nursing mothers and families with babies…
Courtesy of SPROUTS Farmers Market. There will be a screened off private area where diapers and baby changing facilities and products will be available.

Family Winter Fest Highlights:

Here’s a great day out for everyone… Just look at what’s happening:

Children’s Shows & Activities:

Children and Family yoga
Martial Arts
Virtual Reality Booth

More to be announced

Adult Shows & Activities:
Tai Chi
Keep Fit
8 Free Workshops. More info
4 Free Cookery Demos. More info
Relax in the ‘Retreat’. More info

-Valuable door prizes. Every 100th visitor gets a Vendor voucher worth at least $75!

– Selfie & Post your ‘2020 Vision’ resolution-the best wins $250!

FREE Children’s shows and activities. Including a fantastic Virtual Reality Booth, come and experience a whole new world of action! The Rabbit Hole VR puts players inside the game so they can see, hear and interact with the virtual world using top-of-the-line VR equipment.

This is a great day for all the Family with a huge range of FREE activities-for Adults and Children.

Main Stage Activities

Fitness 1440 (11.15 – 11.30)

Take part in a quick upbeat workout from the team behind the Fitness 1440 gym franchise, who provide high quality personal training, fitness classes, and modern equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. For all ages.

Top Golf (12.15 – 12.45)

Top Golf Nashville is a three-story golf driving range, with a chef-driven menu, hand-crafted cocktails, music, and more! Swing by their table for coupons to use during your next visit or check out their activity for free demos and mini lessons

Boxing (1.00-1.30)

Nashville based Punches n’ Bunches will be showing punch combinations on the punch mitts and also the body punch suit. While doing so visitors and audience members can participate in throwing the punch combos on the hand mitts or the body pad. Join in!

GroovaRoo Dance (2.00 – 2.30)

GroovaRoo Dance is a dance class for parents and babies. The classes are designed to help with parent-child bonding. In GroovaRoo Dance classes, the baby is the dance partner. Join in to experience this fun, uplifting experience with your child.

New Visions Dojo (3.00 – 3.30)

New Visions’ instructors are actively training martial artists who value lifelong learning, skillful movement, and a proactive community of karate practitioners. Join in for some professional karate instruction for children, teens, and adults in a holistic training environment. Sensei Ryan Guillemet has trained in Wado-ryu for 34 years with 25 years teaching experience. His most advanced certification is roku-dan (6th degree black belt).

The schedule is subject to change

FREE to attend workshops (Room One)

Please check you are not booking workshops that are running at the same time.

Damsel in Defense: Warrior workshop

10.30-11.45am Book your place now

This workshop presents the opportunity for women to earn from a retired law enforcement officer how to effectively deter physical threats. Anna-Maria Williams will discuss the proper and safe deployment of personal safety tools, offer hands-on training with tools and help attendees gain confidence to protect themselves and their families.

Workshop presenter: Anna-Maria Williams is a retired sergeant with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, serving from 1986-2014.  She worked in various areas of the department and is an experienced Domestic Violence and Homicide Investigator. She joined Damsel in Defense in 2017.  Because her experience as a law enforcement officer, she knows the importance of equipping, empowering, and educating women so they are better prepared to deter a threat.

How to have healthier relationships in 2020

A licensed professional counselor, who will lead a workshop that will explore why self-love is crucial for relationship health, discuss how implementing boundaries and self-care create more room for love, joy, and spontaneity in your relationship, understand why knowledge of brain function is helpful for navigating conflict and review six steps for effective conflict, which set the stage for safety and intimacy rather than driving you deeper into disconnection.

Workshop presenter: Elizabeth DeVaughn is a licensed professional counselor, and founder of Founder of Woman Emerging, LLC.  Elizabeth provides specialized counseling, workshops, and other events in the areas of relationship issues, self-love, anxiety & over-thinking, trauma/PTSD recovery, and general wellness.

2020: The year to get your life back with LENS

1.15 - 2.00pm Book your place now

Find out more about the drug free therapy for Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and ADHD..Come along and let us tell you more about LENS Neurofeedback and how it can help you. Experience a live demonstration of someone getting their brain mapped, hear life-changing case histories about LENS Therapy, and find out how LENS is a highly effective way to deal with so many mental and physical conditions, drug free!

Workshop presenters: Dallas Shepard is founder of Harmonized Brain Centers in Colorado Springs, CO & Sheri Rowney, is the founder of Harmonized Brain Centers in Nashville TN.

Free to attend workshops (Room two)

Please check you are not booking workshops that are running at the same time.

CBD Oil: Myths vs. facts

11.00-11.45am Book your place now

Curious about CBD oil? It’s everywhere but the details surrounding cannabidiol can be confusing. In this workshop, we will cover many commonly asked questions and you’ll leave feeling confident about the wide versatility of this incredible natural supplement.

Workshop Presenter: Staci Bishop has been a health and wellness advocate since 2007. She has been researching and incorporating CBD for several years, with amazing results! Staci is passionate about sharing natural ways to manage your health and improve your quality of life.

Physical pain: The secret to healing

12.15 -1.00pm Book your place now

Life coach Lauren Zoeller will lead a workshop that will explain how unresolved feelings manifest as physical pain in the body, and give the audience the tools they can use to heal and avoid a misdiagnosed clinical disorder.

Workshop Presenter: Lauren Zoeller is an instructor and motivational speaker. Lauren brings holistic balance to the busy professional. Her coaching practice centers around helping individuals find work/life balance for increased happiness and heightened performance.

Which diet is right for you? 

Keto, Paleo, intermittent fasting, low carb, low fat… There are so many different diets, but which one is best for you? Dieticians Nourished Routes will discuss the various different food programs and how they can work best for your daily life.

Workshop presenter: Leah McGee, RDN LDN is a registered dietician and the co-founder of Nourished Routes, a Nashville-based nutrition, coaching and wellness lifestyle service.

Does Your DNA Impact Your Nutrition?

Learn about the booming industry of supplements and how DNA testing has opened the door to a new wave of customized vitamins that are built to match your DNA. You’ll discover common gene variants that impact how much vitamins and minerals you need, how your body processes folate, the pros and cons of supplement delivery systems, and an overview of where the custom-vitamin industry is and where it’s going.

Workshop presenters: Rootine founder Rachel Sanders, and head of business development Tye Jensen.


Join in these free activities that will improve your concentration, encourage mental wellbeing and heighten your senses.

Children’s Yoga (10.30- 11.00)

Improve your child’s motor skills, develop their self confidence, encourage self expression and body awareness. Yoga teaches kids how to relax, unwind and calm down. As well as building strength, flexibility and balance. (Suitable for ages 3+)

Meditation 101 (11.30 – 12.00)

Join Lauren Zoeller, CTA certified life and transformation coach, as she explains the benefits of health benefits of meditation. Lauren will guide participants through a 15 minute body scan meditation, to equip you with the tools to practice on your own.

Family Yoga (12.30 – 1.00)

Yoga has many health benefits, and can be enjoyed by the whole family. In this session, we invite parents and children to take part in this gentle practice, which will teach basic movements, breathing exercises and yoga poses. (Suitable for all ages)

Tai Chi (1.30 – 2.00)

Experience Tai Chi and Qigong (chee-gong), two ancient practices that cultivate health and well-being in the body. Instructor Ryan Black will teach some of the postures of the fundamental qigong set, as well as give a demonstration on the first section of the tai chi form.
Nashville Tai Chi & Wellness

The schedule is subject to change


Watch live cookery demonstrations from local nutrition experts, holistic chefs and clean-eating enthusiasts.

Karman Meyer

10.30 – 11.30
Karman Meyer will demonstrate a recipe from her book, ‘Eat to Sleep’, which utilizes food as an all-natural solution to sleeplessness. A registered dietician, Karman is committed to creating healthy food dishes.

Laura Lea Balanced

12.00 – 1.00
Using a recipe from her new book, ‘Simply Laura Lea’, Laura Lea Bryant will show how clean, healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. A Nashville-native, Laura Lea is certified holistic chef who makes comfort-food-inspired dishes that are delicious, nutritious and easy.

Kassia Emily Fiedor

11.30 – 2.30
Plant-based and utilizing local ingredients, Kassia Emily Fiedor’s recipes take inspiration from Guatemala. She will recreate a dish from her cookbook, ‘Cocina Holistica: Plant-Powered Recipes’.

Alane Boyd

3.00 – 4.00
Hear Alane’s story of overcoming obesity and high-blood pressure and how she turned her new healthy lifestyle into also getting her family to eat healthier, whether they knew it or not. Alane will be demonstrating how to make a delicious BurgerFit burger, that can help you and your family to eat healthier.

There is limited seating space, so arrive in plenty of time

Admission Costs

First 250 tickets are free (max 4 per applicant)

Advance purchase online: $5.00
Children under 18 and Seniors FREE

On the Day admission: $8.00 per person
Children under 18 and Seniors FREE


Fest Opening Hours:
Saturday January 18th: 10.00am to 4.00pm

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How to Contact us

To find out more about the Nashville Health and Wellness Fest, couldn't be easier:

Just call us on: 615 678 5683, or email us at expo@phrmedia.com

Or, you can write to us at Nashville Health & Wellness Fest, PHR Media LLC, 197 Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN 37211